Churros never tasted this good! “THE LOOP: Handcrafted churros”😋

The first time I had ever tasted a churro was either in one of the theme parks – 4$ (Disneyland or Universal Studios) and at Costco – 1$. Personally, I thought they tasted good but I would get bored of the flavor quickly. I found myself craving churros from time to time because it is unlikely that they sell it at a convenient store in your neighborhood.

Being the adventurers that my boyfriend and I are, we decided to check out a new churro spot that opened this past year in Westminister, which is about a 40-minute drive from where we live. The place is called “The Loop”.

They have handcrafted churros that make a shape of a loop and you can have them in several different ways; dipped, glazed, or with a soft serve.

WHAT A GREAT FIND!!! Best churros I have ever had 😋

I wished they had stamp cards since my boyfriend and I go at least twice a month.

My personal favorite is chocolate glazed churro with pebbles😍  (Picture on the left).

My boyfriend got the original churro with a vanilla soft serve drizzled with caramel and topped with some caramelized popcorn. (Picture on the bottom).



I highly recommend this place if you have a sweet tooth like me. They also serve different milk teas and hot chocolate!

This is their only location (Westminister) at the moment but let’s hope that they spread their churros in other cities!

Here is a link to their website ( THE LOOP ) if you are curious to see what other flavors they have.





With love,







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