Stressed, blessed, and LA obsessed.

It has been over 10 years since I moved to Los Angeles (LA) and I am still amazed by how beautiful this city is & what it brings to people. It is full of adventures, and you don’t always have to have a plan to visit the city. Sure the drive can be stressful at times especially with the constant heavy traffic and confusing traffic signs, but it is all part of the experience. You can have a perfect day in Downtown Los Angeles, take a visit to Little Tokyo, Korea Town, China Town, or even a visit to the city of the Stars, Hollywood.

Out of all the places in LA, I cannot make a decision on where my favorite place to visit is; I have too many. Lots of Coffee shops, hiking spots, la eats, unique bars, and shopping! I can’t wait share with you some of my favorite new and old spots to visit in LA ✨

Coming soon~!


Churros never tasted this good! “THE LOOP: Handcrafted churros”😋

The first time I had ever tasted a churro was either in one of the theme parks – 4$ (Disneyland or Universal Studios) and at Costco – 1$. Personally, I thought they tasted good but I would get bored of the flavor quickly. I found myself craving churros from time to time because it is unlikely that they sell it at a convenient store in your neighborhood.

Being the adventurers that my boyfriend and I are, we decided to check out a new churro spot that opened this past year in Westminister, which is about a 40-minute drive from where we live. The place is called “The Loop”.

They have handcrafted churros that make a shape of a loop and you can have them in several different ways; dipped, glazed, or with a soft serve.

WHAT A GREAT FIND!!! Best churros I have ever had 😋

I wished they had stamp cards since my boyfriend and I go at least twice a month.

My personal favorite is chocolate glazed churro with pebbles😍  (Picture on the left).

My boyfriend got the original churro with a vanilla soft serve drizzled with caramel and topped with some caramelized popcorn. (Picture on the bottom).



I highly recommend this place if you have a sweet tooth like me. They also serve different milk teas and hot chocolate!

This is their only location (Westminister) at the moment but let’s hope that they spread their churros in other cities!

Here is a link to their website ( THE LOOP ) if you are curious to see what other flavors they have.





With love,







Year of the Rooster🐓, not so great..

So I have heard from many of my peers that this rooster year is supposed to be an unfortunate year for us (I was born in 1993). I am starting to believe this is true.

It has been about two weeks since I posted my last post which was about how great this year was going to be. Well, I was too quick to say because it has been shitty so far…

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
currently in pain…


Not long after I posted my “positive” blog post, I was bitten by a Spider (symptoms match to a Black widow bite). I have never been bitten by a spider before but let me tell you it is ugly and painful. Although my muscle soreness from the venom is almost gone, I am still dealing with some pain even after two weeks.

A few days after I got bit, I felt discomfort and pain on my tooth that I could not eat or sleep. Went to the dentist the next morning and turns out I had to get a root canal. Paid 650$ for one tooth which only took about 30 minutes to cure…


Positivity is what I need at the moment & I will be patient🐓.

On the other hand, I hope that everyone else is having a great year so far!


2016 was a shitshow, 2017 I am ready.

warning: Please excuse my horrible writing skills, not to mention English is my third language 😰

2016 may have been a shit show for many people…

It certainly was for me. It was the most stressful year in school, health issues started to be a concern in my family, breakups happened, car accidents here & there, and I started to become more afraid & paranoid of my surroundings.

(that’s my little vent.)

I want this post to be an everyday reminder for me and everyone else, that our past experiences has only made us stronger for what is to come next. This will help me to not re-experience the past, but make positive changes for the future.

(2017 I am ready for you.)

This is the year where I and many others will be finishing school and will start new relationships with the perfectly imperfect man. We will stress more, experience more, learn more and explore more. Most importantly, I started my very first personal blog account.

2017 will be amazing.

This is a picture of some essentials I will be using to help me create my blog.

MacBook Pro, Journal/2017 Calendar, iPhone, & Coffee mug


with love,



Hi! My name is Kimi and I am currently living in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. My passion for exploring different types of food, fashion, beauty, and scenic spots inspired me to create my own blog account. Throughout my college years, I learned a lot from other talented bloggers and thought why not share my unguided world of adventures✨ I do have to warn everyone that I am not an expert at taking pictures and describing things, but I’m so excited to share my travels and newest finds! Hope you enjoy💕


ocean backdrop // Redondo Beach, CA

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